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an example. Because there are some guys, who are guilty of: Sending texts that are TOO romantic all the time! Keep in mind that, unfortunately, when you talk about your resume to impress this beautiful woman standing in front of you, and even if youre doing it to seduce your best friend, sorry, but its not at all seductive its disgusting! Thats what makes them the most desired and desirable people! And in the final score, you judge women to be materialistic, you think that theyre inaccessible and unattainable, you wind up putting them on a pedestal and you think theyre actually princesses. Youre a pretty decent guy, cultivated, educated, you dress fairly well, your friends say youre caring and kind, youre relatively charming and YET You dont understand why things arent working with women they way youd like. Actually shes the one wholl wind up protecting him and thats something girls DO NOT want. Seduction is an art form, with its own rules and its own goals. They should disguise the signals of interest you send out to your sweetheart, they should lead her to the following line of thought: is this guy interested in me or not? Begin by complimenting a woman when you dont even know her, dont behave like guys who are failures, Saturday night woman chasers who wind up as Sunday morning losers. Im also going to give you several examples of text messages to send. Be Mysterious, mystery and unpredictability are the two most attractive qualities a seduction artist can have Being mysterious and unpredictable makes you more seductive and much more interesting. Problem #5, furthermore, every day you run into hundreds of pretty girls who make your head spin and you give yourself a flattering little pat on the back, theyre so beautiful and magnificent that you cant take. Women, like all human beings, are looking for comfort and well-being, theyre trying to be around people who are intelligent and pleasant to live with, people who are confident! Take this example of a text that I sent to a girl I just met: Hi crazy girl, I know you havent been able to stop thinking about me, and thats why Im writing to say. Because youre nice, because you call her all the time on the phone, because you frequently send her romantic text messages that you read on the internet, or that you saw on television. Its a question of psychology, guys. You arent a ten year-old child whos all excited to have an unlimited texting plan. Dont tell her everything about you, even if she insists on knowing, dont. Does this sentence ring a bell? You know what to do after. Before I forget, Id like to tell you something, guys. In fact, talking to a woman is hardly adequate to seduce her, and I always remind people, seduction is an art that entails an obligation to follow a number of very seductive rules of conduct. Oh yeah, solution #1, youre caring and thoughtful, you make a point of caring about girls you barely know and its idiotic! Never write like a 10 year-old kid. Let me remind you again, do not be TOO nice, and be virile, be a MAN, a real one The category containing ALL the articles about couples, is right here Solution #6 There you are, my friend. Because you take her out to a restaurant on the first anita dark assez sexy les filles enceintes allaitantes date. Most of us dont properly take advantage of the asset of text messaging quite the way we should. seductionbykamal com nice